About Goldcrest Antique & Vintage

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About Goldcrest Antique & Vintage

EST. 2016

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Goldcrest Antique & Vintage is committed to offering high quality antique, vintage and pre-owned jewellery and silver. The business is run by me, Alice, from London, England.

I started in the jewellery trade over 13 years ago at age 18. After spending 9 years in a retail jewellers, working my way up from a shop assistant to a manager and buyer, I made the decision to start my own online jewellery venture. I created "Silverfinches" on Etsy, opening my shop with a grand total of 10 items - all of them silver rings, brooches and pendants which I had purchased from my current employer's scrap pile. At the same time I created my instagram account and started to share my pieces for sale with the online jewellery community.

Old "Silverfinches" Logo Banner

The old "Silverfinches" Etsy banner


Once I made my first sale I received the boost to my confidence that I needed; I started to buy more pieces, slowly branching out to gold items as well as silver. I kept in touch with the jewellery trade that I loved, working alongside jewellers in Worthing and London, photographing their stock and generating online sales for their businesses, all the while building up my own in every spare hour I had.

In 2019 I changed my business name to "Goldcrest Antique & Vintage"; it gave me an opportunity to re-brand and refine some aspects of the business that I felt needed changing, as I had begun to seek slightly higher value pieces including Victorian and Georgian rings. With my new look came the drive to create my own website - "luckily" the pandemic of 2020 provided me with ample time to do so! I now run www.goldcrestantique.com alongside my Etsy store and Instagram.

Nowadays I source my jewellery and silver from all over the UK. Living in London provides me with fantastic opportunities to visit antiques fairs and markets in the city as well as further afield. I also buy online, through auction, and from dealers I know and trust.

Since 2016, I have invested thousands of hours into making Goldcrest Antique & Vintage the best it can be. I run this business completely by myself, taking care of the buying, photography, listing, marketing, packing and posting. It presents me with new challenges constantly but I love every single minute of it. I feel incredibly grateful that I look forward to waking up each morning to see what the day brings.

Lastly, I am continuously in awe of my wonderful customers who live all over the world - without you, I cannot do what I love. Thank you all so very much!